About Us


Aboutus1Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust is registered with the Charity Commissioners (no. 1064795). It is affiliated to the Association of Gardens Trusts which is a national charity comprising 35 county Gardens Trusts from all over England.

The Trust was formed in 1997 and today has around 150 members. Members visit about 10 heritage gardens and landscapes a year, carries out a full education and research programme, undertakes conservation consultations and projects. It has produced two books and publishes two newsletters a year.

The Garden Research Group of Huntingdon NADFAS (National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) is associated with the Trust and assists with the management and coordination of certain research programmes.

The Trust is fortunate in having active patrons and is run by a council of management. The Annual General Meeting includes a lively lunch and invited talk, and is open to both members and visitors.

The Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust has two main aims: 

  • To conserve, enhance and recreate for the education and enjoyment of the public the historic landscape, parks and gardens that exist or may have existed in Cambridgeshire.
  • To raise public awareness and understanding of the value of landscapes, parks and gardens as part of our local and national heritage.

In furthering these aims we undertake the following activities:

  • Research and record historic landscapes, parks and gardens in the county.
  • Act as a focal point for local contacts and to advise on conservation, restoration work and management plans.
  • Provide informed comment and foster a consultative approach to development proposals.
  • Support conservation and restoration projects, by promoting awareness and by co-ordinating or advising volunteer groups.
  • Encourage member participation in practical projects, complementing the work of related organisations.
  • Promote awareness and appreciation of the county’s gardens and their history.
  • Publish a bi-annual newsletter and organise garden visits, lectures and seminars for the benefit of members, schools and other interested parties.
  • Work with the Association of Gardens Trusts to promote national awareness and support for the work of all gardens trusts.

This has evolved into our three main streams of activity: research, education and conservation.