Publications: Books

To order copies, please contact Alan Brown by telephone on 01480 811947 or by email at [email protected].

The Gardens of CambridgeThe Gardens of Cambridgeshire,
A Gazetteer of over 400 Gardens

by Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust

Published by The Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
Second Edition 2012
ISBN 0 9538542-0-5




A Huntingdon NurseryWood & Ingram,
A Huntingdonshire Nursery,
1742 – 1950

By John Drake

Published by The Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust
First Edition 2008
ISBN 978-0-9538542-1-9





We have been presented with a complimentary copy of ‘Walled Kitchen Gardens of the Isle of Wight’, published by the IoW Gardens Trust. If any of our members wish to borrow it, please contact Alan Brown as above.